56 Indian Airline Pilots Fail Alcohol Tests

Raft of other violations uncovered.
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FAA Accident Statistics a Puzzle

Accident rate rises to second highest level in a decade.
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Save Santa Monica Airport!

Keeping this historical and beautiful airport open is a battle worth fighting.
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FAA Knowledge Test Failures Skyrocket

NAFI and AOPA oppose recent updates to FAA knowledge test questions.
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Maintenance Tracking for Piston Aircraft

Fleet Aviation launches online maintenance program.
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PANIC? Don’t!

An appropriate mnemonic can be a lifesaver.
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WAI Conference a Snowy Success

Thousands Attend Despite Severe Winter Weather
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Avidyne’s DFC100 Autopilot Certified for Cirrus

New Capabilities for Legacy Cirrus Airplanes: Full integration Reduces Pilot Workload and Enhances Safety
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Wag the Tailwheel

When learning to fly a taildragger, don’t forget your dancing shoes!
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Faking Flight

Simulators are excellent tools for training and re-currency
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