Not Your Father’s Simulator

Virtual Fly North America disrupts simulator design.
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Preventing Breaks in the Safety Chain

How breaking or weakening even one link can define the outcome of a flight.
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Flying During Coronavirus: Threat-And-Error Management From An Airline Pilot

Avoiding the coronavirus and a gopher turtle
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Jumpseat: A Vintage Weekend

Six degrees of aviation separation.
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Jumpseat: The American Dream

A Brazilian pilot’s challenging road to success.
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A Starfighter Reborn

An airline pilot finds a second career.
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Flying Into Sun ‘n Fun

A stowaway cat leads to an interesting flight.
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What Happens Next For Boeing?

Exploring the 737 MAX tragedies.
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The Story and Family Behind the Jetmobile

An inspiring new mission of outreach for a jet engine.
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Airplane Buying Tips

How a former airline pilot bought airplanes.
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