FLYING Contributor: Shoot Top Gun: Maverick Down With Missiles

This veteran pilot says the record-breaking sequel–and its predecessor–failed miserably.
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Volunteer Pilot Flies for Eco Missions with SouthWings

From the flight levels to low-level missions, SouthWings pairs pilots with projects to help the environment.
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A Contrail of Turmoil Left Behind

An airline captain retires without regrets.
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What’s Really in an Airline Pilot’s Flight Bag?

A FLYING Magazine reader asks a question plenty of us outside the airline industry have wondered about.
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5G Solution Must Be Reached Without Finger-Pointing

Yes, the aviation community knew it was a problem long ago, but that doesn't matter now.
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A Wing and a Prayer for a Classic Piper Arrow

Aircraft ownership has its challenges—including ADs that require major repair.
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Should I Take Off? It’s Not a Simple Decision

A pilot has to decide on the runway not to take off, and reflects on how things differed when he worked for an ...
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Jumpseat: An Airline Pilot Returns Home

Following 9/11, the flight back to Newark takes on special meaning.
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Sun n’ Fun Lite

Takeoffs and landings are a spectator sport.
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Two Airline Pilots and a Skywagon

An experience in aeronautical decision-making
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