Airport Kids: The Next Generation

Lane watches middle-school students compete in the EAA-sponsored, "Wild Blue Wonders" program.
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Talking Out of School

The radio, says Lane, is a window into the soul. Sometimes what we hear is funny, and sometimes it?s just plain sad.
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Last Flight Out

Lane sojourns to Alaska and learns about the fish hauling business firsthand, flying in an ancient and soon to be retired DC-3.
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Stupid Pilot Tricks

Lane writes about some of the most memorable pilots she's ever flown with--the idiots.
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A Little Indiscretion

Trusting your airplane, and your instincts.
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All In The Family

Lane gives a ride in her airplane and gets much, much more in return.
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A Book of Time

Looking at life in the air one logbook page at a time.
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The Long Road Home

Lane Finds that the long road home contains some unexpected twists and turns.
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Fourth of July

Lane flies coast to coast and rekindles a torrid love affair... with America.
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The Good Old Days

Lane makes time with the remaining "Doolittle Raiders" of 1942's famous B-25 raid of Tokyo.
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