American Airlines Offers To Match Delta Pilot Pay Raise

In a bid to stay competitive, American's top official said the carrier is prepared to offer $7 billion in incremental increases to its ...
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AOPA Names Regional Flight School, Instructor Award Winners

The organization recognized six flight schools and six flight instructors as best in their regions.
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Biden Makes Unprecedented Surprise Trip To Ukraine

Among the surprises stemming from the trip was that Biden took a train—and not Air Force One—into Ukraine.
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NTSB Launches Investigation Into 777’s Sudden Loss of Altitude

The United Airlines flight began a steep dive from around 2,200 feet, creating forces of nearly 2.7 times the force of gravity, according ...
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USAF Shot Down 3 Unidentified Objects That Posed Threat To Civilian Aircraft

NORAD Command has ramped up radar scrutiny of airspace, which has brought more unidentified aerial phenomena to light, officials say.
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4AIR, Global Aerospace Partner for GA Clients

The partnership between the aviation insurance provider and 4AIR is expected to amp sustainability services for GA customers.
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U.S. Military Collecting Debris From Downed Spy Balloon

The callsign of the F-22 that shot the balloon down paid homage to WWI fighter ace Frank Luke, who shot down German observation ...
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Examination Pass Rates To Be a Focus of Upcoming NAFI Summit

The upcoming summit is slated to be held in October at the Sun ’n Fun Campus at Lakeland Linder International Airport.
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Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon Detected Over the U.S.

The surveillance balloon was above the altitude of commercial air traffic, Pentagon officials confirmed Thursday.
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Verijet Adds 3 Cirrus SF50 G2+ Vision Jets to Fleet

The G2+ jets can operate in weather and terrain conditions across the U.S., Verijet officials said.
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