Doroni Aerospace, 3 Points Collaborating in eVTOL Development Deal

Company says it plans to begin selling its H1 'flying car' eVTOL next year.
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Vertical Aerospace Receives Preorder for 25 VX4 eVTOL Aircraft

Aircraft is still in the testing phase, but demand is developing.
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Visa Rule Changes Enhance Flight Training Options for International Students

Previous restrictions were unwelcoming to pilot candidates from overseas.
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DARPA Works With Aurora Flight Sciences on Phase 2 of X-Plane Development

The program aims to develop an aircraft that flies without using moveable control surfaces.
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Hidden Level, Saab Continue Work On FAA Drone-Tracking Tests

Companies specializing in sensor and security technology provided systems aimed at the integration of uncrewed aircraft.
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When Planning an Airplane Trip, Make Sure the Car Is Ready

You might not mind the windy weather, but think about how your passengers will feel.
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NASA Completes Series of eVTOL Crash Tests

While much of the crash testing went as planned, there were a few surprises.
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RYSE Aero Is Taking Reservations for Ultralight RECON eVTOL

The single-seat aircraft is designed for work in agricultural markets and other rural operations.
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Virgin Orbit’s First Satellite Launch From British Soil Fails

The space launch company says the mission reached certain milestones despite problems that kept its payload from reaching orbit.
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Lonely Airport With Long Runway, Interesting History, Seeks Visitors

Designed with jets in mind, the vast KMSV has long been underutilized.
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