NASA Prepares Space Launch System for First Launch Window

SLS is now expected to launch as soon as August 29 from Kennedy Space Center.
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How Does Ice Affect Your Aircraft?

Learn all you need to know, including types of ice, what they can do to your airplane, and how to stay away from ...
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U.S., China at Odds Over Moon Takeover Accusation

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson fears China may conduct military operations on the moon.
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NASA’s Space Launch System Moves One Step Closer to First Launch

The SLS has returned to the Vehicle Assembly Building for minor repairs, preparing to go to space late next month.
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Northrop Grumman Spacecraft Reboosts ISS for the First Time

NASA uses Cygnus to push the International Space Station into higher orbit without help from a Russian spacecraft.
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Artemis I Moon Rocket Moves a Step Closer to Launch

With fuel testing complete, NASA’s most powerful rocket could begin its journey to the moon as soon as August.
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Airbus Completes First Helicopter Flight Powered by SAF

An H225 flew with both engines powered by sustainable aviation fuel.
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NASA Completes Wet Dress Rehearsal for Agency’s Most Powerful Rocket—With One Hiccup

After four long attempts, NASA achieves major objectives for its Space Launch System (SLS) despite a leak being found.
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Build-Your-Own eVTOL Completes First Commute in Tuscany

Jetson co-founder Tomasz Patan took the Jetson One out for a joyride to work.
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What Is Turbulence?

Learn the different types of turbulence and what causes them.
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