Four Years That Flew By

Mac reflects on how he enjoyed flying his daughter to and from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
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Train Like You Fly, Fly Like You Train

Mac gets a chance to fly the sim to minimums before doing the real thing and was glad he did.
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The Glass Is Half Full

Have the terrorists won? Hardly. Here?s why Mac thinks that it?s time to stop whining and start flying again.
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It’s Time to Overhaul the Private Pilot License

J. Mac looks at the private and decides that it?s broken beyond repair. Here?s his bold, new plan.
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Wrong Worry in Twins Versus Singles

For three decades we have been at the forefront of the single versus twin debate. Our message is unambiguous. Why are we so ...
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Cessna Mustang Rocks Jet World

Cessna's introduction of the very light Mustang jet could signal a big battle for owner-pilots worldwide.
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One Year Later

An FAA airworthiness directive points out why it?s so important to get the long screw in the right hole.
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Adam Is for Real

Mac visits a startup airplane manufacturer and discovers that they're actually doing many things right.
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Fun Back in Flying

What's Mac's take on the proposed Sport Pilot and Light Sport Aircraft rules? You might be surprised.
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The Rules and Fuel

Mac translates the FARs and tells what they mean to pilots when it comes to the murky issue of required fuel.
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