What It Takes to Be an Astronaut Mission Specialist

Mission specialists are critical to the operation of the International Space Station, making the career one of the most accessible in space.
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Precision Flying Is Key to Being a Ferry Pilot

Becoming a long-distance ferry pilot takes time and patience, but the rewards are many.
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Expert Pilots Keep Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes in Check

Constant training is the key for bug bomber pilots' success.
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Aviation Meteorologist: A Pilot’s Best Friend or Alternate Career

Meteorology is a growing field that goes hand in hand with aviation.
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Flight Simulation Instructors Enjoy Personal Time Benefits and Flexibility at Work

If you enjoy teaching, you might consider a career as an FSI.
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SMS Director: The Risk Managers

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Chief Pilot: Working for the Largest Jet Airline in the World

Always concentrate on being a great pilot and the leader on your airplane.
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Chief Pilot Regional Airline: From the Smallest to Largest

Advice for those aspiring to do more than just fly at a regional airline.
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Aviation High Schools Prep the Next Generation

Getting motivated at a young age may pay off bigger than you think.
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