Astronics Launches High-Resolution EVS for Experimental and Homebuilt Aircraft

Lightweight enhanced vision system offers increased safety for homebuilders.

Astronics Corp., a subsidiary of Astronics Max-Viz, this week announced its new X1+HR enhanced vision system (EVS) for homebuilt and experimental aircraft.

Using a long-wave infrared thermal imager with electronic zoom, the X1+HR EVS weighs only 1.2 pounds and enables pilots to see temporary obstructions such as wildlife and construction barriers, which may not be in a synthetic vision database. According to Astronics, the EVS also enhances daytime and nighttime visibility up to 10 times further in conditions such as smoke, haze or light fog.

“It is a major step up for experimental and homebuilders looking for a sophisticated system that adds a tremendous safety component to their flying adventures,” says Astronics Max-Viz Executive Vice President Elliott Troutman.

Priced at $18,000, the uncertified EVS is compatible with Garmin G500, G600, G1000, Avidyne R9, Bendix King KMD-850, AvMap EKP-V, Flipper, Rosen monitors and EFBs.


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