Epic E1000 New Interior Unveiled at NBAA

Interior features promise cockpit, cabin comfort.

Epic E1000 Cabin

Epic E1000 Cabin

Epic E1000

Epic Aircraft took the opportunity at the National Business Aviation Association Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, this week to showcase a new interior design for the E1000 turboprop, which is expected to hit the market next year.

The main cabin of the E1000 is roomy, and the club seating allows two normal-sized people to sit face to face without the need for knees to overlap. Supple leather materials and sleek lines are incorporated into the cabin, with lighted accents making for an exclusive feel. The sidewalls hide adjustable tray tables, pockets large enough for a tablet, USB power ports, beverage holders, touch-activated LED light switches and more. One cool feature in the Epic E1000 cabin that is uncommon in light airplanes is electronically dimmable windows.

Getting into the cockpit requires a light squeeze between the pilot and copilot seats, but there is no bulky center column to step over. The new stylish power levers fit nicely in the hand. There are dual armrests for both the pilot and copilot; the center armrests fold back and the armrests on the sidewalls are positioned to enable the pilot flying to rest the arm while hand-flying.

Flat push-button switches make the panel look clean, and the center located control unit for the Garmin G1000 avionics makes for easy data entry. The G1000 also incorporates synthetic vision, electronic charts, TCAS, TAWS, RVSM capabilities and more.

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