California Startup Unveils Aircraft Made for Panoramic Views

Unique design focuses on passenger experience.

Triton Turboprop

Triton Turboprop


The Templeton, California-based startup Micronautix unveiled the Triton turboprop concept on Friday at the Flying Aviation Expo in Palm Springs, California.

The unique design features a central fuselage flanked by two pods that each have tandem seating for two, altogether providing total seating for 3 to 5 passengers throughout the airplane. Charlee Smith, the man behind the design, says the impetus for the unique configuration is to optimize the passenger experience, giving fliers in the Triton ultimate panoramic views.

"I see it inspiring a lot of people to become pilots. That's my main focus." Smith says. "Plus I think it will invigorate the sight-seeing industry."

The 450 hp turboprop is currently designed for a 155-knot cruise speed, a 42-foot wingspan and a 4,300-pound gross weight. The airplane is also equipped with a whole-airplane parachute system, which Smith says was central to the design.

Smith is currently looking for investors for the concept, and says that if it takes off later hybrid versions of the airplane could emerge.

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