Oldest Flying Boeing Aircraft on Display

Built in 1927, the Model 40 was Boeing first passenger airplane.

Boeing Model 40 Big

While Boeing’s newly certified 787 Dreamliner is dominating headlines, a gathering of vintage aircraft enthusiasts in Mukilteo, Washington, will get the chance to look back at the company’s roots as they catch a glimpse of the oldest flying Boeing in the world.****

The Boeing Model 40C, owned and restored by a family in Spokane, arrived at the Historic Flight Foundation on Sunday in preparation for Vintage Aircraft Weekend, an annual event that showcases and celebrates some of the world’s earliest aircraft.

The Model 40 initially entered service in 1927 and was the first Boeing aircraft to carry passengers. The biplane was primarily built to haul mail, but could accommodate two passengers in the small cabin. The Model 40C, which is on display, has room for a total of four passengers and was originally powered by a Pratt & Whitney Wasp radial engine.

The aircraft will be showcased through Vintage Aircraft Weekend at Paine Field in Everett, Washington, on September 3, when William E. Boeing Jr. will discuss the aircraft’s history.