Hartzell Composite Prop Comes to Cirrus SR22

Carbon fiber propeller available for retrofit.

Hartzell Prop SR22

Hartzell Prop SR22

Cirrus SR22 owners can now upgrade their performance capabilities by replacing their metal propellers with Hartzell's three-blade composite prop. The replacement is made with Hartzell's second-generation Advance Structural Composite (ASC-II) construction, consisting of carbon fiber laminates integrated into a co-molded stainless steel shank. A nickel erosion shield protects the outboard half of the leading edge of each blade.

Hartzell's composite prop is currently being delivered to Cirrus SR22T customers taking delivery of their new airplanes. However, the three-blade metal prop is still the standard for the non-turbocharged SR22.

The propeller conversion is available through Hartzell's Top Prop conversion program for $23,943. With anti-ice boots added the cost is $24,249.

While no specific performance numbers are available, Hartzell claims there are many benefits to upgrading to the ASC-II prop.

"Generally, performance benefits available through the Top Prop program include reduced weight, shorter takeoff distance, lower noise levels, better ground clearance, reduced tip erosion, increased climb rate, increased cruise speed and smoother operation," said Joe Brown, president at Hartzell Propeller.

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