Garmin Autopilot Certified for Piper Seneca V

Twin-engine airplane integrates GFC 700 into the G1000 avionics.

Piper Seneca

Piper Seneca

Piper owners and students training for their multiengine ratings will have an easier time flying their Seneca Vs as Piper has achieved an amended type certificate adding Garmin's GFC 700 autopilot, which is integrated with the G1000 avionics system. The FAA sign-off was achieved a little more than one year after Piper started installing the three-screen G1000 in the Seneca.

The GFC 700 is a thoroughly proven system that is already available on multiple platforms from single engine piston airplanes through twin-turboprops. It provides flight-director, autopilot, yaw damper and electric trim capabilities through an Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS)-based automatic flight control system.

The Piper Seneca V is powered by two turbocharged 220-horsepower Continental TSIO-360-RB engines. Pricing starts at $1,011,300.

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