FAA Certifies SeaRey Production LSA

After 20 years in business, SeaRey moves into production market.




After two decades of producing hundreds of kits for the SeaRey – an experimental amphib that features swept wings, a pusher prop and retractable gear – Progressive Aerodyne received FAA certification this month for a production LSA version of the airplane.

The production airplane will be available in two models, a basic version priced between $120,000 to $125,000 that comes equipped with the 912S Rotax engine and an elite version for $138,000 that brings the added muscle of the turbocharged 114 hp Rotax 914. Both aircraft feature Advanced Flight Systems avionics, and the elite version will come equipped with a Garmin 696.

With a cruise speed of 78 to 86 knots, the SeaRey features a 500-foot takeoff roll on water and a 400-foot takeoff roll on land, as well as a useful load that averages around 500 pounds – giving it a significant edge in that regard over that of its competitors.

Progressive Aerodyne has sold some 600 kits for the SeaRey over the years, approximately 500 of which are flying today around the world.

The company says it has received approximately 10 to 15 orders for the production airplane to date, and deliveries are slated to begin in the next few months.