Cessna TTx Versus the World: Comparison Specs

Check out how some of these piston competitors compare against the Cessna TTx.

The Cessna TTx is one of a few new-technology, high-performance, high-dollar piston singles that put technology and performance at the fore. The carbon fiber TTx is the second fastest piston single in production at 235 knots true. It is a roomy, comfortable and technologically advanced model; it is the only such model with Garmin’s G2000 system. Features include available FIKI ice protection, envelope protection, L-3 all-in-one standby instrument, traffic and terrain avoidance, ADS-B and sophisticated autoflight capability.

The Cessna TTx flown for this report was a production model outfitted with the Intrinzic Flight Deck powered by the Garmin G2000 touch-screen controlled flat-panel avionics suite with dual 14-inch displays. Features include traffic and terrain awareness utitlities, ADS-B and best-in-class audio controller. Also included is synthetic vision, the GFC 700 auto­pilot with ESP envelope protection and computerized engine monitoring. Standard too is the L3 Trilogy solid-state all-in-one standby instrument. All specifications are from the manufacturer and are based on standard conditions unless noted.

Beechcraft Bonanza G36

With Cessna parent company Textron’s purchase of Beechcraft, pending regulatory approval, the Bonanza G36 is technically now a sister product of the TTx. The sheet metal G36 is fast but not as fast as the TTx; it’s got a couple of extra seats, though the two rear seats are small; it’s got Garmin G1000 flat-panel avionics with GFC 700 dual-channel digital autopilot with numerous safety features. Its big rear cabin door allows passengers to climb in easily, and the Bonanza’s smooth-flying qualities are legendary.

Cirrus SR22 GTX

The chief rival to the TTx, the SR22 GTX is not quite as fast, but it has a better useful load by more than 100 pounds, an additional small seat and the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System, which sets it apart from its rivals. Its FIKI ice-protection system has excellent endurance and great coverage. There’s EVS, standard synthetic vision and traffic and terrain awareness, ESP, and much more. Its Perspective cockpit is based on the G1000 system and features a keyboard, large displays and great redundancy.

Mooney Acclaim S

The recently relaunched Mooney Acclaim S is the fastest production piston single. The all-metal single is slippery but has a small cabin with even smaller rear seats. Baggage space is limited, and the visibility is only passable. After its hiatus, Mooney has some catching up to do, including updates to its G1000 avionics package. Still, the Acclaim S is fast, and its claim to fame is providing sophisticated, sleek personal transportation in a platform that has a wide and loyal following.

Piper Matrix

An ingenious reworking of the Malibu Mirage, the Piper Matrix features the power, great rear cabin and segment-leading ramp appeal of the pressurized Mirage but without the pressurization, all for a much lower purchase price. The Matrix is powered by the Lycoming TIO-540 (the only Lycoming powered product in this roundup) and features a comparatively basic G1000 avionics package with the GFC 700 autopilot. Still, the Matrix is the cabin king in this lineup, with by far the best passenger experience in the segment.

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