Cessna Flies First Production TTx

Cessna reports TTx's first production flight performed exceptionally.

Cessna TTx

Cessna TTx

** Cessna TTx**

Cessna completed its first production flight of its single-engine TTx in Independence, Kansas, reporting that the composite speedster performed exceptionally well and is ready to hit the market.

Cessna’s TTx test pilot flew the airplane to 17,000 feet and achieved a speed of 213 knots. The TTx’s 310 hp Continental TSIO-550-C engine is capable of propelling the airplane to a top speed of 235 knots. The TTx also features an optional flight into known icing (FIKI) system and has an operating ceiling of 25,000 feet. At long-range power settings, the airplane can fly across the country with only a single fuel stop.

During the test phase, the TTx flew 275 flights and logged 339 hours in the air, Cessna said. The turbocharged TTx evolved from the Corvalis (previously Columbia) line.

The TTx is the first airplane to be equipped with the Garmin G2000 avionics system. The cockpit features dual 14.1-inch displays and touch-screen controls. The TTx is also equipped with Garmin’s ESP envelope-protection system.