Aviat Creates a Lake at Sun 'n Fun

Finally a place to float an amphibious Husky at the show.

Aviat Lake SNF15

Aviat Lake SNF15

There's a new bit of geography on the Sun 'n Fun grounds, but don't look for it on your chart. It'll be gone by the end of the week.

Stuart Horn, CEO of Aviat Aircraft, has been bringing a flock of pretty Huskys and Pitts to the show for a long time, but until this year, the float plane always had its wheels down. No longer. Horn came up with the clever idea of creating his own lake, complete with ducks, well, rubber duckies, some of them outfitted with goggles and flying helmets. The body of water took five different water trucks to fill up, and by the start of the show Aviat had a husky truly on floats on prominent display.

Word is that by show's end Aviat will extend the wheels on the Husky's floats and taxi out, instead of attempting a takeoff, which is probably the safe approach to take, considering that the available distance is only 60 feet and there are ducks everywhere.

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