Super Legend Cub LSA Receives FAA Approval

Deliveries to begin next month.

Super Legend Cub

Super Legend Cub

** Super Legend Cub**

Fans of Piper's revered Super Cub can now find a passing copy in the light-sport market, thanks to the recent FAA approval of the Super Legend Cub LSA, built by Texas-based American Legend Aircraft Company.

After suffering through six to seven weeks of delays due to the recent government shutdown, the company received the green light for the airplane last week. Powered by the 115 hp Lycoming O-233, the Super Legend Cub builds upon the company's Legend Cub by providing buyers an airplane with more fuel, more power and flaps.

Built largely for the Alaskan market, the LSA Super Legend has the same power-to-weight ratio as the original Piper Super Cub and can easily be outfitted with tundra tires, floats or skis. The Super Legend Cub goes for a starting price of $146,800.

The company, which says it already has a handful of orders for the aircraft, is scheduled to begin deliveries in early December.

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