Spartan Buys First 20 Electric Sun Flyers

Solar-powered trainer to make debut at aviation college.

Sun Flyer Spartan College

Sun Flyer Spartan College

The Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology has entered into an agreement with Aero Electric Aircraft Corp., reserving the first 20 production slots for the Sun Flyer solar-electric training aircraft.

"This agreement signifies our commitment to innovation and to serving the next generation of pilots," said Peter Harris, CEO of Spartan College based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

AEAC started flying a single-seat technology demonstrator out of Centennial Airport (APA) near Denver in the fall and hopes to start flight testing the two-seat version this year. AEAC has not yet decided whether to certify the airplane under Part 23 or light sport rules. The airplane is being developed in partnership with Bye Aerospace and German PC Aero and the concept airplane first flew in Germany last July.

In addition to becoming the first customer, Spartan is working with Redbird to develop a complete training solution for the Sun Flyer.

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