Pipistrel Completes FAA LSA Audit

Facilities and procedures pass inspection by FAA representatives.

Pipistrel Virus

Pipistrel Virus

** Pipistrel Virus**

Pipistrel has received some good news that will allow the Slovenian company to continue to deliver its LSAs to customers in the United States. Representatives from the FAA have gone through the company's manufacturing plants in Slovenia and Italy, conducting an operations audit that verified Pipistrel's products, production organization, continued airworthiness procedures, maintenance aspects and documentation for LSAs delivered to the U.S., the company said.

"We appreciate and welcomed the FAA team's professional attitude and their approach to elevate the level of safety and compliance throughout the LSA industry by conducting such high-quality and stringent audits," said Pipistrel's owner and CEO Ivo Boscarol.

The FAA published an order in June 2013 requiring more oversight in the process of qualifying S-LSAs for airworthiness certificates. The FAA audits S-LSA facilities with regard to compliance with CFRs, FAA consensus standards and procedures to meet these requirements.

In addition to completing the FAA S-LSA audit, Pipistrel's facilities are approved under EASA's Part 21G.

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