Icon to Offer Complete Training Solution

Training program for amphibious LSA buyers will include four levels.

Icon Training

Icon Training

While Icon Aircraft recently conducted a series of flights where the company's CEO, Kirk Hawkins, tested the water handling characteristics and maneuverability of the A5 amphibious LSA, the company has started establishing a flight training program for the two-seat airplane. As Icon finalizes the FAA approval process for the A5 in anticipation for the first deliveries, the company plans to offer curricula to address a wide variety of flight experience for its owners.

The training program development is being established under the leadership of Jeremy "Hilda" Brunn, Icon's director of flight training. Brunn is a former F/A-18 pilot from the U.S. Navy who joined Icon in January.

Icon says the training program will include full-scale simulator work, ground instruction, water operations and flight training. The program will address four levels of experience: transition, current landplane pilot (TX-CL); transition, current seaplane pilot (TX-CS); transition, not current (TX-NC) and a full beginning sport pilot course (SPL).

Icon has neither established the cost for its transition programs or student pilot course, nor how many hours of training will be included in each program.

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