Akoya LSA Makes First Passenger Flight

French aircraft to be featured at Oshkosh.

Akoya LSA

Akoya LSA

Akoya LSA

The Akoya LSA – launched commercially by French manufacturer Lisa Airplanes last fall – recently took its first passengers up for a flight in the sleek-looking two-seat amphibian.

The founders of the young company, Erick Herzberger and Luc Bernole, were the first to get their feet wet in the Akoya, an all-composite aircraft powered by a 100 hp Rotax engine that runs on unleaded gasoline.

The flights originated from Lake Bourget in approximately 18 knots of wind, with Herzberger saying the Akoya’s performance during the test runs went “beyond our expectations.”

According to Lisa Airplanes, the Akoya has been undergoing a busy flight-testing schedule since early May. The aircraft – which features foldable wings and retractable landing gear equipped with skis – can reach speeds over 120 knots and boasts a range of almost 700 miles.

The €300,000 Akoya will be making the trip across the pond for next week’s Oshkosh show, where it will be featured for the first time.