Software Boosts Gulfstream G280 Performance

Performance and FMS features get better.

Gulfstream G280

Gulfstream G280


Changes in the software for Gulfstream's G280 is highlighting how advanced technology has become in the bizjet world. Gulfstream and Rockwell Collins have updated the PlaneView280 software installed in the G280, a change that has resulted in performance improvements for the luxury 10-passenger jet.

The change has reduced the approach speed by as much as 9 knots, which has resulted in a reduction of landing distance by 270 feet. The G280 can now land in 2,380 feet.

In addition to the performance improvement, the software upgrade has made the flight management system better. Time and fuel predictions, optimum and maximum altitude and best rate-of-climb speed are now more accurate. Long-range cruise, maximum cruise and maximum endurance cruise speeds can now also be calculated automatically with the flight management system.

The new software is now included in newly delivered G280s. Operators can update their systems for free by visiting one of Gulfstreams service centers in Savannah, Dallas or Luton, England.

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