Gulfstream Reaches G450 Delivery Milestone

Speed and comfort make the G450 a popular bizjet.

Gulfstream G450

Gulfstream G450

** Gulfstream G450**

The Gulfstream factory in Savanna, Georgia, continues to crank out large numbers of luxurious business jets. Only nine years after the introduction of the G450, Gulfstream has delivered the 300th unit of this $40 million airplane, which provides great speeds, long legs, a large comfortable cabin and high-tech capabilities in the cockpit as well as the cabin.

The G450 is derivative of the GIV, which was the first business jet to incorporate a primary flight display. Building on the PFD capabilities of the GIV, the G450 was one of the first airplanes to incorporate synthetic vision technology in 2008. The current version of the G450 is equipped with what Gulfstream has branded the PlaneView flight deck, which is built around Honeywell’s Primus Epic avionics suite.

With a top speed of Mach 0.88, the G450 is powered by two Rolls-Royce Tay Mk 611-8C engines and is capable of flying up to 4,350 nautical miles. Although the airplane can carry up to 16 passengers, more common configurations include a luxurious space with 12 or 14 seats, which can be reconfigured into five or six berths. The G450 includes satellite communications, wireless capabilities and a printer and fax machine. There is also an option for high-speed Internet.

The G450 has set several international speed records, including one set only 10 days after the airplane was introduced in 2005. That record was achieved for a 3,550-nautical mile flight between Chicago and London.

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