Falcon 7X Tested at Extreme Altitude

Tri-engine bizjet lands at the world's highest commercial airport.

Falcon 7X Daocheng

Falcon 7X Daocheng

Falcon 7X

Dassault announced this week that it is working on certification that will allow its Falcon 7X tri-engine long-range business jet to operate at airports located at altitudes up to 15,000 feet. The 7X has successfully flown out of the Daocheng Yading Airport, the world's highest commercial airport at 14,472 feet, just a few feet short of the peak elevation of the highest mountain in the contiguous United States — Mount Whitney.

The Daocheng Yading Airport, which has one 13,800-foot long runway, opened about one year ago. While airlines started operating out of the airport shortly after its opening, Dassault claims it was the first bizjet to land there. The effort was spurred by a request from local customers who wanted the ability to operate out of several high altitude airports in the area.

The certification effort was conducted by pilots from the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and the certification is expected to be approved by both CAAC and the European Aviation Safety Agency, which was also involved in the program. Flights included several takeoffs and landings at Daocheng Yading Airport, including some with simulated engine failures.

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