FAA Signs Off on Challenger 350

Bombardier's latest bizjet ready for first deliveries.

Challenger 350

Challenger 350

** Challenger 350**

Less than two weeks after Bombardier got the sign-off from Transport Canada for its Challenger 350 super-midsize business jet, the FAA has given its nod to the certification of the new model. The announcement came just over one year after the Montreal-based company announced the new program, which is a modified version of the Challenger 300.

With redesigned winglets and two Honeywell HTF7350 engines, each producing 7,323 pounds of thrust, about 500 pounds more than the engines of the Challenger 300, the performance of the Challenger 350 is a step up from its predecessor's. While the top speed remains the same at Mach 0.82, Bombardier said the 350 climbs faster and can travel 3,200 nm with eight passengers, about 200 nm more than the 300. There is also a slight increase in the payload.

Challenger 350 customers will also enjoy a completely revamped cabin, with larger windows, redesigned seats and Lufthansa Technik's HD cabin entertainment system with easier access to controls.

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