Embraer Launches Skyacht One Lineage 1000E

Skyacht One hailed as the new wave in luxury jets.

Skyacht One

Skyacht One

** Embraer's Skyacht One**

In 1939, flamboyant California playboy George Whittell Jr. commissioned master boat builder John Hacker to create the Thunderbird, a huge luxury yacht that matched Whittell's polished DC-2. Inspired by that design, Embraer Executive Jets has reversed the dynamic with its Skyacht One – a luxury version of the Lineage 1000E business jet that draws on nautical design themes. Embraer teamed with "experiential designer" Eddie Sotto to develop the concept. The former Disney employee's work is said to "explore the boundaries of fantasy and technology."

The exterior of the Skyacht One features faux mahogany on the lower fuselage, evoking an oceangoing yacht. The interior is designed to replicate the yachting experience as well, with nautical-style seats and full-size berths for sleeping. Dark, rich-grained wood panels and bright metal clasps and trim combine with aqua-tinted carpeting to enhance the illusion of traveling on the water.

Referring to his work on Skyacht One, Sotto quotes Walt Disney: "It's kind of fun doing the impossible." Sotto adds, "Why should hand-made luxury only exist on your wrist, in an exotic car or on a yacht? With Skyacht One, 'Wow!' happens every time you see or touch something."

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