Embraer Delivers 500th Phenom

Brazilian company continues successful light jet introduction.

Phenom 300 500th

Phenom 300 500th

Embraer Executive Jets continues to celebrate the successful introduction of its Phenom family of light jets, the Phenom 100 and 300. The Brazilian manufacturer announced this week that it has delivered the 500th Phenom. The airplane, a Phenom 300, was delivered to Prime Fraction Club, a Brazilian fractional ownership provider based in Sao Paulo that offers its members access to three additional Phenoms as well as boats, helicopters and sports cars.

In the five and a half years the Phenom models have existed, they have been introduced into 37 countries and the airplanes have collectively accumulated more than 370,000 flight hours, Embraer says. The Phenoms are produced at Embraer's facilities in São José dos Campos, Brazil, and Melbourne, Florida.

While Embraer has delivered about 300 Phenom 100s and 200 Phenom 300s, it will likely surpass the Phenom 100 in deliveries as Embraer is currently delivering about twice as many of the larger Phenom model. The company started out the year with a backlog of $2.4 billion, and the production rate for the business jet line will likely remain stable for 2014. Embraer produced 119 bizjets in 2013, of which 30 were Phenom 100s and 60 Phenom 300s.

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