Citation CJ3+ Achieves EASA Certification

Light jet now available for the European market.

CJ3+ EASA Certification

CJ3+ EASA Certification

Textron Aviation achieved a timely milestone at the European Business Aviation Convention and Expo in Geneva, Switzerland, earning EASA certification for Cessna Aircraft Company’s Citation CJ3+. The light business jet has seen great success since it first got the FAA sign off in September, with Cessna delivering 10 of the airplanes already by the close of 2014.

The CJ3+ seats up to nine passengers and its 2,040 nm range is well suited for the European market, with the capability of non-stop flights from London to Moscow or Madrid to St. Petersburg, Russia. And with a max cruise speed of 416 knots the passengers will get to their destinations rather quickly.

As with all of the light jets in Cessna’s product offering, the CJ3+ is Garmin equipped, in its case with the G3000. Some of the more advanced technologies included in the integrated flight deck are turbulence-detecting weather radar, TCAS II, ADS-B and TAWS-B with the availability of advanced TAWS-A as an option. Passengers can enjoy the optional SiriusXM satellite radio, satellite phone, and both international and domestic Internet service.

With a maximum ceiling of 45,000 feet and the capability of reaching this altitude in less than 30 minutes, the CJ3+ provides versatility for pilots who prefer to stay above the weather most of the time.

The CJ3+ also achieved certification in Brazil this week.

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