Cessna To Offer Tamarack's Active Winglets on CJ Line

Winglet mod expected to be available in 2015.

Tamarack Aerospace Winglet Aileron

Tamarack Aerospace Winglet Aileron

Talk about a vote of confidence. Cessna says it will market, sell and install Tamarack Aerospace's innovative active winglets for the CitationJet family – on the CitationJet through the CJ3 – starting in 2015.

Tamarack's active winglets provide the performance advantages of traditional winglets while adding what the maker calls the "active technology load alleviation system" (Atlas). It incorporates an actuator near each winglet that drives small moveable surfaces mounted outboard on the wing trailing edge. These move to counteract and alleviate the load on the wing. The result is less bending stress, allowing for the addition of winglets without having to beef up wing structure.

Tamarack first tested its active winglets on a Van's RV-6 and later on a Cirrus SR22. The company is currently testing the winglets on a Citation CJ1 as it seeks supplemental type certification for the modification.

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