Cessna Citation Latitude Nears Certification Finish Line

Cessna rolls out first production airplane.

Cessna Citation Latitude Rollout

Cessna Citation Latitude Rollout

Cessna Aircraft Company

Cessna rolled out the first production Citation Latitude at its Wichita, Kansas, factory last Thursday, bringing the midsize twinjet an important step closer to its market introduction three years after launching the program.

The Latitude certification program, which already includes four prototype aircraft, has accumulated 500 flights and 1,200 hours to date. Cessna expects to gain FAA type certification for the jet in the second quarter.

The Latitude has a ceiling of 43,000 feet with a target cruise speed of 440 knots and a range of 2,500 nautical miles. The airplane can accommodate up to nine passengers in its six-foot tall cabin. It has a flat floor and is the widest Citation jet Cessna has built to date. Cessna says the Latitude's manufacturing also breaks new ground for the manufacturer.

"Our product investments extend beyond the design and performance features of the aircraft with innovations in our manufacturing processes," said Scott Ernest, president and CEO of Textron Aviation, referring to the use of robotics to build the airplane. "The Citation Latitude team has redefined what customers should expect from a business aircraft in this segment, while also redefining the aircraft build process."

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