Cessna Citation Latitude Gets Autothrottles

New capability is latest enhancement to midsize jet.

Cessna Citation Latitude Clouds

Cessna Citation Latitude Clouds

** Cessna Citation Latitude**

The flight deck of Cessna’s Citation Latitude just got better thanks to the addition of autothrottles, an enhancement announced by the company at the National Business Aviation Association Convention in Las Vegas this week.

With the move Cessna brings a level of easy operation typical of larger jets into the cockpit of the midsize seven- to nine-passenger Latitude. The addition of autothrottles is the latest enhancement in a lengthy series of improvements — including increased range and a roomier cabin — that have been made to the G5000-equipped Citation Latitude since it was first announced two years ago.

The Citation Latitude moved one step closer to flight-testing in September when the wing assembly and fuselage of the jet came together for the first time. Cessna says the seven- to nine-passenger airplane is scheduled to make its maiden flight in the first quarter of 2014.

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