Cessna Citation CJ3+ Ready for Market Introduction

Latest bizjet offering snags FAA certification.

Cessna Citation CJ3+ Aerial

Cessna Citation CJ3+ Aerial

Cessna Citation CJ3+

On schedule and less than six months after the Cessna Citation CJ3+ was first announced, Textron Aviation today announced it has achieved FAA certification for the nine-seat business jet. This latest offering from Cessna is an upgrade to the CJ3, with a new avionics system and increased range capabilities.

The CJ3+ is certified for single pilot operations and is equipped with Garmin's G3000 avionics suite, which includes turbulence detecting weather radar, TCAS II, ADS-B and much more. The airplane also includes wireless media and high-speed Internet capabilities, Iridium phone, adjustable LED lighting and a new automatically controlled pressurization system, keeping passengers entertained and comfortable.

Powered by two Williams FJ44-3A Fadec controlled engines each producing 2,820 pounds of thrust, the CJ3+ boasts a range of 2,070 nm, an increase of nearly 200 nm over the CJ3.

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