Beechcraft Tests Hawker 400XPR Winglets

Upgrade program progresses toward certification.

Hawker 400XPR

Hawker 400XPR

** Hawker 400XPR**

Showing its post-bankruptcy commitment to the progressing Hawker 400XPR upgrade program, Beechcraft announced it has started flight testing the winglets on the light jet this month with positive results.

“We’ve been beating performance estimates in flight testing, and we’re in the final certification phase for the 400XPR,” said Brian Howell, Hawker Beechcraft vice president, aftermarket sales and business.

Certification for the 400XPR upgrade is expected in the third quarter with first deliveries projected for the fourth quarter of this year. The Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics system, an optional part of the upgrade package, has already been signed off by the FAA and the system has been installed in customer airplanes.

In addition to the optional panel modification, winglets and other aerodynamic airframe modifications, the 400XPR upgrade includes more powerful Williams International FJ44-4A-32 engines, each rated at 3,200 pounds of thrust, which Beechcraft claims will enable the airplane to climb to FL 450 in 19 minutes at max takeoff weight. Beechcraft also says the range capabilities of the 400XPR will surpass 2,100 nm, and at a high speed cruise of 450 knots it will enable four passengers to travel 1,655 nm.

While the XPR upgrade program continues, Beechcraft has no plans to restart production of the Hawker jets, a company representative said.