UberChopper: Uber a Helicopter Ride

Car service company branches out with flight options.

UberChopper Mobile

UberChopper Mobile

International car service company Uber has branched out to provide helicopter flights at certain times through what the company calls UberChopper. The flights are posted on Uber's blog at blog.uber.com. Most recently, Uber offered a free promo Christmas flight for four over the Silicon Valley.

The flights are conducted through local helicopter operators. Most of the time the flights are cost-based and include transportation from the local area to the location of the UberChopper in an UberBlack vehicle — the premium option, which includes a licensed chauffeur driving a black sedan or SUV.

If there is a local UberChopper opportunity, you will be able to toggle to the UberChopper option on the bottom bar on the home screen. If there are no flights available, the UberChopper icon will not be displayed.

The flights are rare and often include luxury add-ons. Uber has offered helicopter flights since mid-2013 in many cities around the globe including Rio de Janeiro; Lisbon, Portugal; Melbourne, Australia; and Cape Town, South Africa. Over the Labor Day weekend, Uber offered a 45-minute helicopter tour over Los Angeles, which included a "Safari Tour" of the Malibu Wines property. The cost for the Malibu flight was $500 per person.

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