Hermès Gives the Eurocopter EC 135 Haute Luster

The French fashion house gives this best-selling light-twin a makeover to remember.

Eurocopter EC 135
Eurocopter EC 135
Eurocopter EC 135

For that special buyer who demands nothing less than the ultimate in luxury and comfort aloft, Eurocopter has put the EC 135 in the gifted hands of the designers at Hermès, the French fashion house known best for its ultrahigh-end leather handbags, shoes and accessories. The result is an interior space dominated by rich brown leather and featuring an attractive exterior paint scheme highlighted by classic Hermès orange accents. The downside? Attaching the Hermès name to your helicopter can add more than $1 million to the list price.

What do you get for the money? Eurocopter says the EC 135’s cabin has been completely reimagined by Hermès Interior and Design to maximize the available space in what most agree is already a spacious passenger compartment. Surfaces from floor to ceiling have been covered in “Toile H,” a Hermès staple used in the manufacture of the firm’s travel-ware going back to the 1920s. Seats (four in the main cabin and two in the cockpit) and banquette are handcrafted and upholstered in naturally grained calf leathers.

But there’s more to this interior than good looks and high-end materials. The Hermès EC 135 also uses fabrics and leathers that are intended to soften ambient noise and vibration, Eurocopter says. In addition, consoles, drawers and cabinets have been recessed or placed entirely out of view, and a sliding glass partition separates the passenger area and cockpit, enhancing privacy while still allowing natural light to enter. Overhead air-conditioning ducts have been center-aligned across the ceiling for a cleaner look. Even the landing gear was redesigned to allow for more “elegant access,” presumably by passengers in high heels and short dresses.

If you’re not yet sold on the Hermès treatment for your EC 135, which carries a price tag of around $6.75 million complete, consider this: For an extra $2.4 million, the French fashion house can also create a similar look for your matching Bugatti Veyron.

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