Helicopter Safety Guidelines Released

New Helicopter Pilots Model Code of Conduct provides operational standards.

Bell 407 Helicopters

Bell 407 Helicopters

Helicopter pilots looking for guidelines for situations not covered by checklists, procedures or operating manuals can now get help from a new set of standards called the Helicopter Pilots Model Code of Conduct. The document was designed to help pilots interpret ambiguous regulations and to provide criteria for how to operate their helicopters while minimizing the risk of flying.

The HMCC covers a wide variety of helicopter operations, from primary instruction to commercial flight operations. Seven sections make up the HMCC including general responsibilities, training and proficiency, security and the use of technology.

“It is nice to see such a clear, complete and concise standard for helicopter pilots that goes beyond the minimums,” said Lindsay Cunningham, manager of aviation safety at Eurocopter USA.

Like the Aviators Model Code of Conduct, the HMCC is not owned by any organization and it was designed by safety-minded volunteers with a strong connection to the industry. A permanent editorial board (PEB) oversees the content of the document and provides updates as necessary. The PEB is comprised of leaders from several type club organizations, the Air Force Academy, US Airways, the Aircraft Electronics Association and the Aviation Institute of Maintenance, to name a few.

The Model Code of Conduct guidelines are not meant to be strictly adhered to, but can be modified by each operator to fit their needs.

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