United Airlines Will Spend $100 million to Expand Pilot Training Center Amid Pilot Shortage

United Airlines is expanding its center in Denver to support its efforts of hiring 10,000 pilots by 2030.
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Why One European Airline Has a Surplus of Applicants During a Pilot Shortage

Norse Atlantic Airways CEO says timing and equipment has been the key to early success.
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Industry Officials Can’t Agree on How To Fix the Pilot Shortage

Republic Airways' bid for lower ATP minimums fails to gain industry support, setting off interesting discussions.
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Want to Tame the Pilot Shortage? The Intro Flight Begins the Interest

That first flight can either create a new pilot, or end in a missed opportunity.
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Outreach Programs Doing Their Part to Combat the Pilot Shortage

Minorities, women, and young people are of particular focus to many groups.
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Georgia Legislature Taking Steps to Battle Pilot Shortage

Leaders say engaging with students early on could be key for the future of aviation.
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USAF Hasn’t Made Much Progress in Reducing Pilot Shortage

Young people between the ages of 18-33 are urged to apply.
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U.S. Air Force and Civil Air Patrol Help Tackle the Pilot Shortage

Cadet Wings program helps pilots earn their private certificate.
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CAE Tackling the Pilot Shortage through Technology

A suite of tools called CAE Rise is speeding pilot training by providing standardized real-time feedback.
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Pilot Shortage Suspends Commercial Airline Operations

All California Pacific Airlines’ west coast flights have been cancelled.
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